Prosopographia Militiarum Equestrium Quae
Fuerunt Ab Augusto Ad Gallienum
[In Latin]
Pars Sexta: Laterculi alarum - cohortium -- legionum

By Hubert Devijver
December 2001
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 90-5867-162-3
232 pages
$84.50 hardcover

Prosopography remains, for the period of the Roman Principate, a basic research instrument. The exhaustive collection of biographical notes on a specific group transcends the individual, the anecdotic and makes it possible to trace variables and constants within the evolution and to reveal structures.

From 1976 to 1993, Hubert Devijver published his Prosopograhia Militiarum Equestrium (PME). This work -three volumes and two supplements- provides a catalogue of all equestrian officers in command of auxiliary troops or tribuni militum legionis, alphabetically classified according to their names.

The present volume 6, Laterculi alarum-cohortium-legionum, is based on H. Devijver's unfinished manuscript and was edited and indexed by Ségolène Demougin and Marie-Thérèse Raepsaet-Charlier. Axed on the military units and divided into three parts (alae, cohortes and legiones), this book is a useful complement to PME. Within any unit, the officers are ranged alphabetically with their nomen gentile or, if missing, with their cognomen. The incerti are put together at the end of each list. The notice for each knight contains his complete name followed by a reference to PME, his military career, the first procuratorian office and a date and geographical origin. An Index Nominum and an Index geographicus are added at the end.

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