Professional Education
for Social Change
Three papers on international cooperation

By Karen Haynes, Tom Notten & Dolf van Veen
December 1995
ISBN: 90-5350-372-2[book cover]
31 pages
$8.00 paperback

Internationalization is all the rage in education in social sciences, social work, and in related tertiary programs for managerial staff. Mostly, the motives for boosting it reflect very general goals: broadening the staff's and students' views on the world, on their common disciplines-and drawing attention the challenging differences and striking resemblances.

In this respect internationalization refers to exchanging students and staff, focused on mutualizing knowledge about one another's countries and the connected peculiarities. In order to avoid the risk of gathering curiosities, more deliberate methods of internationalization are necessary. The authors of this book suppose that more challenging ways of practicing internationalization are lying in the designing of comparative attitudes in methods. Within this context they share with their students their experiences and their interpretations.


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