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Priorities for Russia's National Environmental Policy

Edited by Vladimir M. Zakharov
Translated by R.A. Perelet, A.V. Maslov
December 1999
Center for Russian Environmental Policy
ISBN: 5-88587-132-9
96 pages, illustrated
$43.50 paper original

The purpose of this publication is to highlight the extremely important issue of priority setting for Russia's environmental policy and present proposals prepared within the framework of the project of the Center for Russian Environmental Policy. This is a non-governmental document, which could server as working material to make appropriate governmental decisions and to work out a national environmental policy based on the consensus of different societal groups. The book is intended for chiefs and leaders of businesses, for business circles and public institutions, for experts and specialists in ecology and natural resources' use as well as for those who feel concern about problems of ecology and environmental policy.

Environmental Science