Phenomenal Crystals
Giant Quartz Crystals, Unique Minerals
in World Museums, Gem Treasures of Brazil

By Ilia Deleff
Translated from the Bulgarian By Krasimir Kabakciev
November 2004
ISBN: 9546422150
121 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 12"
$89.50 Hardcover

The author headed for South America at the age of twenty-five with a clear aim "to do something in [his] life." Fascinated by the beauty of quartz crystals in Brazil, he started to collect them enthusiastically and he is now the only collector of giant crystals in the world.

Conquered by their secret power and the perfection of their forms, he penetrated the intimate world of crystals and marveled at the magnificent play of light reflected on their smooth faces. Some of the phenomenal crystals "survived" hundreds of millions of years untouched. Contents include: The journey of one's life, The collections of phenomenal giant crystals and their fate, The mineral treasures of Brazil.

Natural History

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