Out of the Mouths of Pots
Towards an Interpretation of the Symbolic Meaning
of Cypriot Bronze Age Funerary Artefacts Including
Examples in the University of Canterbury's Logie Collection

By Rose Mary Washbourne
December 2000
Paul Astroms Forlag
ISBN: 91-7081-105-9
393 Pages, Illustrated
$94.50 Paper Original

This book contains an illustrated collection of Cypriot Bronze Age funerary artifacts. The author argues that these deposits were intended for use of the deceased who were reborn into the Underworld, with some objects actually playing a symbolic role in the process of rebirth. The book covers theories regarding cultural influences in the period leading up to the Bronze Age; studies of various types of symbolism; plank figures; vessels; interconnections: archaeological evidence suggesting possible external contacts; cult, myth and religion. Appendices. List of plates, maps and tables. Bibliography.


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