Opuscula Atheniensia 25-26, 2000-2001
Annual of the Swedish Institute at Athens

Edited by Robin Hägg et al.
December 2001
Paul Åströms Förlag
ISBN: 91-7916-042-5
140 pages, illustrated; 8 ¼" x 11 ¾"
$88.00 paper original

Contents include: Hellenistic-Roman chamber tombs at Milas. A note on the border conflict between Argos and Sparta in the second century B.C. The relationship between continuity and change in Dark Age Greek religion: a methodological study. Work in Middea 1997-1999: excavation, conservation, restoration. Production places of some Mycenaean pictorial vessels: the contribution of chemical pottery analysis. Pithos or baetyl? On the interpretation of a group of Minoan rings.

Institutum Atheniense Regni Sueciae

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