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Only Human
Studies in the History of Conceptions of Man

Edited by Arne Jarrick.
December 2000
Almqvist & Wiksell International
ISBN: 91-22-01889-1
383 Pages
$79.50 Cloth

The editor brings together major discussions on the concepts of man-as perceived classically, scholastically, and in medieval and modern thought. Part I lists discourses, such as the Mercantilist Concept during the 17th Century and Social Thoughts on Man in Swedish Economic Discourse during the 18th Century. The remainder of the study concentrates on changing concepts of the ideal man from 1800-1900; the debate on female and male qualities; views of the criminal; prostitution in the 19th Century; and finally, suicide-the most and least human deed. References are included.

History; Sociology
Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis: Stockholm Studies in History, No. 61