Our Vision of Europe
Proximity, Competitiveness & Visibility

Edited by Hans-Gert Poettering
December 2001
ISBN: 90-441-1180-9
255 pages, illustrated
$84.50 hardcover

Contents include: Introduction. Proximity. Transparency in the European context. Implementing subidiarity in the right way. Involving social structures and networks in policy making. Does Europe need a Constitution? Towards a European Constitution. The development of Europe from an industrial society to a knowledge and information society. Civil society: a European partnership. Citizens: the heart of Europe. Europe: a community of values. Recent member states and candidate states. Competitiveness. The new economy. The euro between the dollar and the yen. New technology. Visibility. The EU maintaining stability and peace in the world. Supporting the development and addressing the needs of the regions. Achievements and prospects of the European People's Party: 1976-2001.

European Studies

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