Nitovikla Reconsidered

By Gunnel Hult
July 1992
Paul Astroms Forlag
ISBN: 91-7192-835-9
176 p.
$93.00 Cloth

The Nitovikla fortress was excavated in 1929 by E. Sjoqvist, member of the Swedish Cyprus Expedition. He dated the fortress, with its four building periods, from Middle Cypriote through Late Cypriote I. A reevaluation of the material -- drawings and pottery -- preserved at the Medelhavsmuseet has been made.

New dates are given to the fortress periods and the previous settlement periods by means of the evidence from the fortress itself and from a comparison of its pottery with that from other sites in Cyprus which were approximately contemporary. A pre-fortress settlement, Period I, belongs to Late Cypriote IA-B. The first fortress, Period IIA, was built in Late Cypriote IB and lasted, including its following Period IIB, into Late Cypriote IIA1 or IIA2. After destruction the fortress was rebuilt twice and then deserted.

Series: The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities: Medelhavsmuseet

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