Who gives a DAM!
The Bakun Odyssey

By James Ritchie
December 2005
Wisma Printing Sdn Bhd
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ISBN: 9834211406
264 pages, Illustrated, 6 x 8 ½"
$29.50 Paper Original

While progressive environmentalists campaign for processes of industrialization in indigenous lands throughout the globe, little attention is paid to the needs and wants of the indigenous people living in those lands. In Who Gives a DAM!, James Ritchie examines some of the issues surrounding the development of the Sarawak, in Malaysia, and its impacts on the Dayaks. Life in areas so far undeveloped are not isolated from the effects of global progress and development, and to assume that indigenous people living in these areas are content to live isolated from the rest of the world is to understimate their drive, ability, and determination.

James Ritchie is a journalist who settled in Kuching in 1981. He has written more than 20 books on Sarawak issues, mostly touching on local politics and the environment.

Chapter 1. The Natives of the Upper Rejang
Chapter 2. Early Bakun Studies
Chapter 3. Battle for the Kenyah Homelands
Chapter 4. Back into the Heart of Bakun
Chapter 5. Farewell to the Old World
Chapter 6. Changing Face of the Orang Ulu
Chapter 7. Voice of the People
Chapter 8. Sarawak's Ting Pek Khiing
Chapter 9. The Bakun EIA Study
Chapter 10. Saving Belaga's Wildlife
Chapter 11. Court Drops a Bakun Bombshell
Chapter 12. Judgement Day
Chapter 13. Bakun Deferred
Chapter 14. Challenges of Resettlement in Sarawak
Chapter 15. Resettlement: Problems and Solutions
Chapter 16. Claims, Demands, and Compensations
Chapter 17. Dealing with the Compensation
Chapter 18. Dawn of a New Era
Chapter 19. Re-Visiting Bakun Resettlement Scheme
Chapter 20. Operation Exodus
Chapter 21. Sarawak - A New Challenge
Chapter 22. A New Lease of Life

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