Ubersetzung des Talmud Yerushalmi: Bikkurim
[In German]

Edited by Martin Hengel et al.
December 2011
Mohr Siebeck
Distributed by

ISBN: 9783161508769
112 pages

$167.50 Hardcover

The Tractate Bikkurim is the last tractate of the first order, Zeraim, which deals with agricultural issues. It is only in the Yerushalmi that there is a corresponding Gemara to this tractate. According to Ex 23:19 and Deut 26:1-11, the Israelites are to give the first fruits of their harvest to God, since he gave them the land on which their fruits grow. In this tractate the question is who should offer the first fruits and when and how these are to be offered. Based on this, the tractate deals with comparable offerings and the problems they involve. The translation was done with the help of the Synopsis of the Yerushalmi and includes all the preserved handwritten documents, which often provide a better text than the print versions, and on which all the older translations into modern languages are based. In addition, Friederike Hecker gives a detailed commentary on questions pertaining to language and content.


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