Successful Turkish & Moroccan Students in the Netherlands

By Ineke van der Veen
August 2001
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ISBN: 9044111477
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In literature and the media there is often a focus on the less successful school careers Turkish and Moroccan children. Nevertheless, a high number of these students attend higher types of secondary education (higher general secondary education or pre-university education). Examining data on the school careers of thousands of students which had previously been gathered for the purpose of the evaluation of the Educational Priority Policy, Ineke van der Veen addresses questions about the success of Turkish and Morroccan students in the Netherlands.. On the basis of these data, she first re-analysed the school careers of Turkish and Moroccan students and compared these with the careers of students of Dutch background. Subsequently, she collected additional data on 106 Turkish, Moroccan and Dutch students. These data included motivation, ethnic identity, cultural orientation, upbringing and school. Her research adds new insights to the debate whether the ethnic/cultural background and/or social-economic status of the students affect the school careers of Turkish and Moroccan students.

Partial Contents:
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Students' School Careers
Chapter 3. Theroetical Background
Chapter 4. Design
Chapter 5. The Instruments
Chapter 6. Results for Differences Between Successful Students from Turkish,
Moroccan and Netherlands Backgrounds
Chapter 7. Results for Differences Between Successful and Less Successful Students
Chapter 8. Summary and Conclusions


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