Revival of Medieval Illumination
Nineteenth-Century Belgium Manuscripts &
Illuminations from a European Perspective

KADOC Artes 8

Edited By Thomas Coomans & Jan De Maeyer
July 2007
Leuven University Press
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789058675910
336 pages, Illustrated, 9 x 11 1/4"
$187.50 Hardcover

The art of illumination, usually associated with the Middle Ages, experienced a spectacular revival in nineteenth-century Western Europe. This completely different context gave the illuminations another import. The output of the lay and religious workshops reveals a great artistic, stylistic, technical and typological diversity.

The works illuminated go far beyond the world of exceptional and precious manuscripts and include many occasional documents, as well as golden books, devotional images, etc. Richly illustrated with unpublished masterworks, the present volume offers an overview of the important revival of medieval illumination.

The fifteen authors do not limit their approach to the traditional questions of art history. Rather, they explore the historical, socio-cultural, ideological and religious components of the revival, which changed according to time and country, in order to understand the evolution and success of the art of illumination in the long nineteenth century.

Table of contents

Thomas Coomans & Jan De Maeyer
The Revival of a Tradition / Le renouveau d’une tradition
Remembering and Forgetting
Images of the Classical and Medieval Past in the Era of Revolution and Restoration
Peter Raedts
Manuscrits, livres d’or, chartes et autres adresses
Une approche typologique de l’enluminure au XIXe siècle
Thomas Coomans
Des vierges et des manuscrits dans des châteaux et des abbayes
Réalité médiévale ou fiction romantique?
Jan De Maeyer
Publishing for the Leisure Industry
Illuminating Manuals and the Reception of a Medieval Art in Victorian Britain
Rowan Watson
Rêve médiéval et invention contemporaine
Variations sur l’enluminure en France au XIXe siècle
Isabelle Saint-Martin
Medieval Elements in Nineteenth-Century German Illumination
Context and Models
Michaela Braesel
Dons, hommages et adresses aux souverains pontifes
Un choix de manuscrits du XIXe siècle de la Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Giovanni Morello
Neerlandia Catholica
A Nineteenth-Century Miniature Work
Arjen Looyenga
L’enluminure italienne au XIXe siècle
Un renouveau méconnu
Francesco Ascoli
The Spanish Forger
Master of Manuscript Chicanery
William M. Voelkle
For King and Country
Illuminated Manuscripts and Documents in Nineteenth-Century Belgium
Wolfgang Cortjaens and Tom Verschaffel
The Bruges Illuminator Ferdinand de Pape
His Workshop, Production and Methods
Wilfried Dumon
The Saint Luke School Movement and the Revival of Medieval Illumination in Belgium (1866-1923)
Carine Dujardin
Un art «très monastique»
L’atelier des bénédictines de Maredret de 1893 à 1940
Dominique Vanwijnsberghe
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