Reflection for Action
Sharing Insights on Educational & Social Change
Issues in European Education Series, Number 3

Edited by John Sayer & Johan L. Vanderhoeven
June 2000
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ISBN: 9053508899
105 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/2"
$25.00 Paper Original

The European Union Tempus-Phare joint education project 09821 (Universities of Oxford, Leuven, Halle, Krakow) has supported inter-professional work to combat social deprivation in a Polish context. This book includes examples of background planning, and illustrates shared thinking about key issues in the process, from professional and European perspectives. These include questions which any such project faces about transnational project management, about professional development, about the ethics and practice of inter-professional cross-service collaboration, on needs identification and evaluation, and on the common European future for professional action.

Editors' Preface: Developing Schools and Services
Chapter 1. Development Needs Analysis of the Public Services:
Research in the Professions of Social Workers, Health Service, Teachers and Public Officers in the Krakow Region
Chapter 2. Continuing Professional Developpment in Europe: Determining Needs, Rights and Responsibilities
Chapter 3. Mentoring and Internship in Krakow: The Interns' Perspective
Chapter 4. Professional Development of Teachers: The Meaning, Ethical Basis and Role of the University
Chapter 5. Discourse, Participation and Self-Reflection: Processes of Democratisation in Co-operative Projects
Chapter 6. Notes on the Ethics of Inter-professional Co-operation
Chapter 7. Models for International Co-operation: Reflections on Joint Work Between Universities in Europe

Social Change

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