Professorship of Semitic Languages

Jubilee Volume from a Symposium held at
the University Hall, 21-23 September 2005
Studia Semitica Upsaliensia, No. 24

By Bo Isaksson, et al.
November 2007
Uppsala University Press                                                       
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ISBN: 9789155469207                                                       
277 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/2"
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Contents include:

The Professorship of Semitic Languages 400 years – a detailed history of the first 3 centuries, By Hakan Malmberg

Semitic Scholars – philologists, humanists, historians.  Inaugural Speech,
By Sigrid Kahle

Qusta ibn Luqa and his Production: A survey of an Arabic treatise on dental-nerve dysfunction, By Lena Ambjorn

Some aspects of the Syriac and Arabic versions of Aristotle’s Poetics,
By Lutz Edzard

Some features in the Hebrew of Johan Kemper,
By Mats Eskhult

Freedom in biblical translation: Choice of lexical equivalents in the Peshitta,
By Gillian Greenberg

Hebrew manuscripts in St. Petersburg,
By Tapani Harviainen

Circumstantial qualifiers in Arabic.  A comparative Semitic approach to some uses of adjuncts in Classical Arabic based on the story of Ta,abbata Sarra,
By Bo Isaksson

The Eastern Mediterranean during the Late Bronze Age
By Gullog Nordquist

Speaking up with Yahoo: an Arabic email novel
By Gail Ramsay

Arabic Novels in the Modern Age: Linguistic and stylistic issues
By Sasson Somekh

The Translation of the Koran into Swedish
By Christopher Toll

Geographical Knowledge of the Syrians
By Witold Witakowski

Cognitive linguistics & the Hebrew Bible. Illustrated with a study of Job 28 & Job 38
By Ellen van Wolde

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