Perspectives on Women's Everyday Religion

By Marja-Liisa Keinanen
October 2010
Distributed by Coronet Books
Stockholm University
ISBN: 9789186071356
237 pages, 6 1/2 x 9 1/2
$75.00 Paper original

Parial Contents:

1. A Preacher on the borders of religion
2. Thoughts on spirituality and marriage between love and wisdom
3. Women in public
4. Christian vocation among Schartauan women
5. Constructive feminist theology
6. Domestic chores in pre-modern Russia
7. Gendered religious spaces
8. Women and the materiality of religion in Portugal
9. Vernacular Islams
10. Women agriculturalists in Tunisia
11. Somali women's everyday religion
12. A Somali woman trader in Dubai

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