Paradox of Being Human

By Ramakant Sinari
May 2007
Indian Council of Philsophical Research / Munshiram
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 8185636974
254 pages, 5 7/8 x 8 7/8"
$32.50 Hardcover

The main tenor of this book is philosophical - aimed at empowering man to look upon the transcendental as the primordial essence of the human. An attempt is made here to develop the Samkhya and the Vedanta schools where the essence of Indian Philosophy is verbalized. Man is paradoxical - he is here in the world and yet not consumed by the fact of worldliness.

The paradox is not arbitrary - it is woven within the very structure of human consciousness. The paradox is that man is worldly and otherworldly at the same time - it is objective and the subjective fused into one whole. The objective and the subjective or, as Sartre puts it, the en-soi and pour-soi, are two facets of the same humanness. They are to be justified vis-a-vis the ultimate Being in which man is anchored. The intensification of the subjective is thus an opening into the ontology of Being which is perennial to our metaphysical source.


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