Novel Spatio-Temporal Analysis
Tool for Primate fMRI Data

Acta Biomedica Lovaniensia, No. 403

By Patrick De Maziere
December 2007
Leuven University Press                                                                          
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ISBN: 9789058676306                                                                  
206 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/8 x 9 1/2"
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1. Introduction

2. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

3. State-of-the-art fMRI Analysis Methods

4. A Novel Exploratory fMRI Data Analysis Method

5. Comparative Study of Different Statistical Tests with respect to fMRI

6. Conclusions and Perspectives

A. Appendix to Chapter 4

B. Appendix to Chapter 5

C. Overview of fMRI Data Sets Employed in this Manuscript


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