Non-Neuronal Cells in the Pathogenesis
of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Acta Biomedical Lovaniensia, 386

By Maarten Dewil
July 2007
Leuven University Press
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789058675972
128 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/4 x 9 1/2"
$87.50 Paper Original

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Aim of the study

Chapter 3: Materials and methods

Chapter 4: Microglial activation is an early immune response

Chapter 5: Matrix metalloproteinase-9 (gelatinase B) and the pathogenesis of ALS

Chapter 6: P38 MAPK pathway and the pathogenesis of SOD1g93a-induced motor neuron disease

Chapter 7: Astrocytic activation in motor neuron disease

Chapter 8: Astrocytes modulate sensitivity of motor neurons to excitotoxicity in vivo

Chapter 9: VEGF rescues the loss of phospho-akt preceding motor neuron death

Chapter 10: General discussion and perspectives





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