Noah, the Flood & the Failure of Man According to the Midrash Rabbah
[English & Hebrew]

By Wilfred Shuchat
April 2013
Devoar Publishing
Distributed by

ISBN: 9789655241280
464 pages

$34.95 Hardcover

This volume, the third in a series, explores the biblical story of Noah and the Flood, through the interpretations of the sages of the Midrash Rabbah. As the nations of the world formed, moral and spiritual decadence became the way of Man. Though Noah is chosen by God to ultimately save humankind, the sages question his character and tend to view him as a saintly man with many flaws. 

The sages of the Midrash, astonished by certain descriptions of Noah's actions and events that took place in his lifetime, reveal dimensions of the biblical narrative in a new light. Is this the man God chose to rebuild humanity and the universe? Their interpretations lead to a new understanding of why God instead waited for someone like Abraham, whose character was on the highest level, to undertake this grander task. 

The Midrash was not only perceived as holding solutions to problems, but also as a work of literature that raises questions and offers criticism and insights. The goal is to teach readers and students to think and reflect, and eventually, understand and act according to the highest moral and ethical standards.


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