Micro-Level Analyses of the Qur'an

Historia Religionum No. 34


Edited by: Hakan Rydving
October 2014
Uppsala University
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789155488956
177 Pages
$67.50 Paper original


The term 'micro-level analysis' can be used to mean many things. In this book, it is taken to denote various types of analysis that are confined to the discussion of one or two verses, one or two concepts, instead of larger text units of the Qur'an as a whole.

From a close reading of qur'anic passages interpreted with the help of other parts of the Qur'an (Mona Farstad), via various approached that look beyond the Qur'an itself and explore Muslim interpretative traditions (Nora S. Eggen, Gerd Marie Adna), recent findings in South Arabia (Jan Retso), or rhetoric (Thomas Hoffman) in the analysis of the qur'anic text, through to approaches that compare medieval Muslim interpretation with modern hermeneutics (Ulrika Martensson), or that place modern Muslim interpretations in relation to applications of qur'anic text passages in everyday life (Goran Larsson), he contributions to this book exemplify various possibilities of micro-level analysis of the Qur'an.