Metaphysics, Analysis & the Grammar of God
Process & Analytic Voices in Dialogue
Religion in Philosophy & Theology No. 53

Edited by Randy Ramal
October 2010
Mohr Siebeck
Distributed by

ISBN: 9783161505867
267 pages

$127.50 Paper original

This volume brings together both young and mature philosophers from the analytic and process traditions to dialogue on central questions in the areas of metaphysics, philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, and philosophy of language. The papers not only fill a massive gap in the intersections of interest between analytic and process scholars of religion but also demonstrate beyond any doubt that two traditions of process and analysis are integral to current philosophical movements and debates.

The main questions discussed here include the nature of ‘good' metaphysics, the application of modal discourse to the understanding of God's reality, God's epistemic nature, and the grammar of ‘the world'. With contributions by:Vincent Colapietro, Daniel A. Dombrowski, Roland Faber, Patrick N. Horn, James A. Keller, George R. Lucas, Jr., D. Z. Phillips, Randy Ramal, Jay W. Richards, Peter Simons, Charles Taliaferro, Donald W. Viney

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