Mattaeus Adversus Christianos

The Use of the Gospel of Matthew in Jewish Polemics Against the Divinity of Jesus
[English & Hebrew]
Wissenschafttliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. No.350

By Christoph Ochs
September 2013
Mohr Siebeck
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ISBN: 9783161526152                        
425 pages
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In this work, Christopher Ochs treated first-ever monographic the use of Matthew's Gospel in Jewish polemic against Christians. Focus are those statements that contradict central Christian teaching contents according to Jewish interpretation. These include without limitation, statements about the incarnation of Jesus, his divinity and his membership in the Trinity. Seven texts of 8 to 16 Century ( Qissat Mujādalat al-Usquf / Sefer Nestor ha-Komer , Milhamot Sefer ha-Shem , Sefer Yosef ha-Meqanne , Nizzahon Vetus , even Bohan , Kelimmat ha-goyim , and Hizzuq Emunah ) are translated and adapted. In addition a number of other contemporary texts which are addressed in the context of the main texts. The result is a compendium of objections to the divinity of Jesus based on the Jewish interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew. Some of these arguments can be traced back to the discussions between Jews, Christians and pagans in ancient times, while others sound surprisingly modern and allow connecting factors to the current Jesus research.


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