Malays/Muslims in Singapore
Selected Readings in History 1819-1965

Edited by Khoo Kay Kim, et al.
November 2006
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ISBN: 9679789314
395 pages, Illustrated, 5½ x 8½"
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Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong is one of Malaysia's most interesting entrepreneurs. His development of Genting Highlands into a world-class resort has been well-publicized; this text, however, offers readers a first-time insight into his life. Starting with nothing, turning challenges into opportunities, taking risks, and emerging perseverant, Lim Goh Tong transformed the Genting Highlands into the impressive resort conglomerate it is today. Typically modest, Tan Sri Lim gives an account that is refreshingly original, wryly humorous and moving in its poignancy.

Chapter 1. Why did Tengku Hussein Sign the 1819 Treaty with Stamford Raffles? - Kwa Chong Guan
Chapter 2. The Temengongs of Telok Blangah: The Progenitor of Modern Johor - Manogaran Suppiah
Chapter 3. Malay/Muslim Patterns of Settlement and Trade in the First 50 Years - Elinah Abdullah
Chapter 4. The Singapore Malay/Muslim Community: Nucleus of Modernity - Iskander Mydin
Chapter 5. From the Mohammedan Advisory Board to the Muslim Advisory Board - Shahril Mohn Shah
Chapter 6. Malay Soldiering in Singapore, 1910-1942 - Wan Meng Hao
Chapter 7. The Japanese Occupation through Malay Fiction - Mastura Abdul Rahman
Chapter 8. The Voice of the Rakyat: Utusan Melayu from Inception to 1959 - Zahairin Abdul Rahman
Chapter 9. Education and the Malays, 1945-1965 - Tengku Sri Indra Ismail
Chapter 10. The Political Activities of the Singapore Malays, 1945-1959 - Elinah Abdullah
Chapter 11. From Self-Government ot Independence:
     UMNO and Malay Politics in Singapore, 1959-1965 - Mohd Azhar Terimo

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