Malay Business
Revivalism Through Entrepreneurship

By Shukor Omar
October 2006
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ISBN: 9679789209
200 pages
$25.00 Paper Original

Malay Business examines the complex relationship between economic development in Malaysia, where the conflict between Islamic values and Western colonialism have ended entrepreneurship and free trade. Globalization and Islamic unity are important factors in contemplating Malaysian economic and political survival. Malay Business is essentially a proposal for the development of successful entrepreneurship in Malaysia.

Colonial Domination and its Effect on the Development of Malay Entrepreneurial Values
Malay Values and Attitudes
Political Empowerment and the Development of Malay Entrepreneurs
Malay Business and Politics
Malay Leadership
The Realities of Islamic Countries and the Future of the Malays
The Malay Lost World
The Importance of the Entrepreneur
Understanding Entrepreneurial Success
Developing the Model Entrepreneur

Economic History

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