Keys to the Treasure Within
Learning and Leadership in Schools

Edited by Rudi Schollaert
October 2004
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ISBN: 9044117122
228 pages, 6 ¼ x 9 ½"
$42.50 Paper Original

Other titles in this series: Disclosing the Treasure Within, In Search of the Treasure Within

Building on the reflections of the first two texts put out by The Treasure Within network, In Search of the Treasure Within and Disclosing the Treasure Within, this final text, The Keys to the Treasure Within focuses on the role of learning in leadership development. Throughout The Treasure Within trilogy, what has become clearer is that school quality ultimately depends on the quality of learning, by students, educators, and the institution. This text also examines the relationships between schools and their various stakeholders, the quality of leadership, the quality of external support, and the quality of the overall educational system of which a school is a part; the interaction between these affect the conditions for excellence and equity in education.

The practises of The Treasure Within network partners are informed by principles that emerge from their research findings, while at the same time continuing to reflect on and adapt these findings. In doing so, The Keys to the Treasure Within offers reflections that meld theory and practice.

Chapter 1. The Treasure Within and Its Conceptual Framework
Chapter 2. Europe and the Quality of European Education
Chapter 3. Time, Space and the Essence of Knowledge
Chapter 4. Sense of and Enthusiasm For Learning
Chapter 5. The Why, What and How of Education
Chapter 6. Independent Learning in Practice
Chapter 7. Building Bridges as an Opportunity for Learning
Chapter 8. Co-operative Learning, a 'Tool' for both Students and Teachers
Chapter 9. How to Gear Professional Development Towards Reflective Learning
Chapter 10. Developing Leadership Capacity and Learning-Centered Leaders in Education
Chapter 11. Power-Sharing: The Challenge of Distributed Leadership
Chapter 12. Learning: How to Do Better
Chapter 13. Some Reflections on School Improvement
Chapter 14. Use a COMPASS for Change Management
Chapter 15. Is Learner Centredness Compatible Wtih an Imposed Curriculum?
Chapter 16. Teacher or Social Worker?
Chapter 17. Learning Org Dot Com, and the Role of External Support


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