Islamic Republics & Nations

By A. H. Mastan
September 2010
MD Publications
ISBN: 9788175333017
293 pages
$62.50 Hardcover

Through there have historically been many regimes that could be interpreted as primitive Islamic Repubics, in the modern era there have been very few. Today, the creation of Islamic Republics is the rallying cry for many hard-line Muslim fundamentalists all over the monarchies of the Middle East; regimes which they believe to be overly secular or otherwise destructive to Islam.

As the Islamic Revolution completed its third decade, it would not be too difficult to realize the reality and the fruits of its mismanagement during its imperial and revolutionary eras. Throughout the three decades of its existence, the Islamic Republic has managed, notably, to produce more hunger, extreme frustration and anger, prostitution at a record pace, drug addiction beyond control, child execution without any regard to the international human rights bylaws. There are many reports regarding cases of child sexual abuse and molestation reaching epidemic proportions. Prosecution and imprisonment of the innocent people and systematic and illegal abuse of deatinees and hundreds of gruesome acts have also been reported.

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