Islamic Democracy

By P. Quereshi
December 2009
MD Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9788175332157
239 pages
$47.50 Hardcover

Islamic Democracy sometimes also referred as Faisalism, is a confessional political ideology which defends the modernisation of Islamic societies by blending the principles of Islam with representative democracy. Islamic Democracy always refused to be an ethnically Arb political ideology due to not all Arabs is Moslem. Islamic Democracy refuses all religious radicalism. In fact there are historical reasons for such position.Islam democrats see on Islamic radicalism an enemy. Islamic Democracy is often compared with Christian Democracy.Christian Democracy refuse such comparison as they consider Islamic Democracy as too religiously minded, too Islamic and too state guided. On the other hand Christian Democrats recognise that this ideology was a strong qualitative step on terms of democracy among Muslim countries.


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