Integrable Hamiltonian Systems & Spectral Theory

Edited by I. Antoniou, et al
December 2003
Institute of Computer Science, Regular & Chaotic Dynamics
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 5939722741
280 pages, Illustrated, 6 x 8¼"
$99.50 Hardback

The first collection of works by leading mathematician Jurgen Moser, compiled by Moser himself. Part of a 3 volume set.

Selected Contents:
Finitely Many Mass Points on the Line under the Influence of an
   Exponential Potential - an Integrable System
Three Integrable Hamiltonian Systems Connected with Isospectral Deformations
Various Aspects of Integrable Hamiltonian Systems
Geometry of Quadrics and Spectral Theory
Integrable Hamiltonian Systems and Spectral Theory
Discrete Versions of Some Classical Integrable Systems and Factorization of Matrix Polynomials

Advanced Mathematics

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