Inspection, Inspection, Inspection!
How OfSTED Crushes Independent Schools and Independent Teachers

By Anastasia de Waal
September 2006
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ISBN: 1903386519
148 pages, 5¼ x 8½"
$25.00 Paper Original

OfSTED, the Office for Standards in Education, is supposed to be a watchdog for parents, making sure that schools deliver a high quality of education to their children, no matter where they live or what their background. Examining the effects of OfSTED’s inspections of state and independent schools, de Waal intrerrogates Blair’s education reform and questions its intentions, standards and effects, especially with regards to independent schools and teachers.

OfSTED the Enforcer
OfSTED in the State Sector
OfSTED in the Private Sector
Who Inspects the Inspectors?
How Blair Became the School Bully

Education Policy & Reform

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