Implications of the Sacred
in (Post) Modern Media

Edited By Johanna Sumiala-Seppanen, et al.
December 2006
Nordicom / Goteborg University
Distributed By Coronet Books, Inc.
ISBN: 9189471342
274 pages, 6 1/2 x 9 1/2"
$99.50 Paper Original

The news media report global conflicts to religion. New expressions of religiosity and spirituality appear in popular media culture. The relationship between media and the sacred has become an inevitable topic.

This book offers new and fresh perspectives on the media, the sacred and religion. It has a Nordic voice. This means that it focuses on empirical data collected from the Nordic countries. Most of the authors are from the Nordic region, critical views from other corners of the world are brought as well.

This book creates a platform for a genuinely multidimensional and cross-disciplinary discussion on the subject of the media, the sacred, and religion in the context of (post)modern media.

Religion; Journalism; Film

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