Herod Antipas in Galilee
Literary & Archaeological Sources on the Reign of Herod Antipas & its Socio-Economic Impact on Galilee
Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2.Reihe 215

By Morten Hørning Jensen
December 2006
Mohr Siebeck
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ISBN: 3161489675
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The quest for the secrets of first-century Galilee has become an issue of intense interest in recent research, fuelling not least the occasionally heated debate about the cultural and socio-economic setting of the Historical Jesus. In particular, a growing interest can be traced in Herod Antipas' impact on the region's socio-economic stability. Was he good or bad news for the ordinary rural peasant population, and did his urbanization programme have a crucial impact on the Historical Jesus? No consensus has been reached, and Antipas is presently being used as a cornerstone in conflicting pictures of Galilee as being in either good and stable conditions or under heavy economic pressure leading to increasing indebtedness and tenancy. Surprisingly, the reign of Antipas has only been treated in a cursory manner during the last three decades, a period in which intense archaeological activity has accumulated new insights on Roman Galilee. Morten Hørning Jensen therefore seeks to survey the literary and archaeological sources on the reign of Antipas with a view to determining its socio-economic impact on the region. He argues that Antipas impact on early first-century Galilee was probably more moderate than Historical Jesus scholars have generally assumed until now.

Part 1. Settings
Chapter 1. Approaching Herod Antipas
Chapter 2. Procedure of the Investigation

Part 2. Sources
Chapter 3. Herod Antipas & Josephus
Chapter 4. Herod Antipas in Other Written Sources
Chapter 5. Herod Antipas & the Archaeology of Galilee
Chapter 6. Message & Minting-The Coins of Herod Antipas

Part 3. Assessment
Chapter 7. Discussion & Synthesis
Chapter 8. Conclusions

Index of Ancient Sources
Index of Modern Authors
Index of Subjects & Key Terms

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