Getting Started with Open & Distance Learning

By Koen DePryck, et al
May 2005
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ISBN: 9044118986
118 pages, 6 ¼ x 9 ½"
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Research throughout Europe indicates that adult educaiton providers face the need and the difficulty of introducing Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in the context of Life Long Learning.

Traditional classroom teaching proves insufficient to deal with factors such as the geographical dispersal of students, the need for just-in-time learning and the difficulties of juggling work, family, and learning. ODL is part of the answer.

I AM L3—short for Introducing Appropriate Methodologies for Life Long Learning—focuses on introducing Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in Adult Education. This Grudtvig 1-project ran between October 2002 and October 2005 with a grant from the Socrates programme of the European Commission. I AM L3 offers adult education providers this book with essential insights in the different aspects of ODL as well as seminars, in-service training, and a database with examplese of good practice and ODL solutions and resources. The book Getting STarted in ODL introduces the essential concepts and appropriate methodologies on ODL.

Chapter 1. ODL: What, Why, and For Whom?
Chapter 2. How to Get Started in ODL
Chapter 3. The ODL Kitchen
Chapter 4. Pedagogical Issues in ODL
Chapter 5. Teaching: Didactic Issues in ODL
Chapter 6. Learning in ODL
Chapter 7. Marketing of ODL
Chapter 8. Quality in ODL
Chapter 9. Conclusion


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