Function & Regulation of the Reversible
Methylation of Protein Phosphatase 2A

Acta Biomedical Lovaniensia, 390

By Sari Longin
July 2007
Leuven University Press
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789058676054
153 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/4 x 9 1/2"
$97.50 Paper Original

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Introduction

I.1. Reversible phosphorylation
I.2. Multimeric structure of PP2A
I.3. PP2A Regulation
I.4. Role of PP2A in human diseases
I.5. Aims of the study

Chapter II: An inactive protein phosphatase 2A population is associated with methylesterase and can be re-activated by the phosphotyrosyl phosphatase activator

II.1. Introduction
II.2. Materials and methods
II.3. Results
II.4. Discussion
II.5. References

Chapter III: Selection of PP2A Regulatory subunits is mediated by the C-terminus of the PP2A catalytic subunit

III.1. Introduction
III.2. Materials and methods
III.3. Results
III.4. Discussion
III.5. References

Chapter IV: Different subcellular localisation of the methylating and demethylating enzymes of protein phosphatase 2A as a mechanism to regulate PP2A methylation

IV.1. Introduction
IV.2. Materials and methods
IV.3. Results
IV.4. Discussion
IV.5. References

Chapter V: The PP2A-specific enzymes LCMT1 and PME-1 reversibly methylate PP4 and PP6

V.1. Introduction
V.2. Materials and methods
V.3. Results and discussion
V.5. References

Chapter VI: General discussion and perspectives

VI.1. Introduction
VI.2. Covalent modifications of the PP2Ac C-terminal tail can regulate dynamic subunit reshuffling
VI.3. Localisation of PP2A methylation
VI.4. Implications of impaired methylation of PP2A
VI.5. Inactive PP2A, associated with PME-1, can be reactivated by PTPA
VI.6. Implications of an inactive PP2A pool
VI.7. Reversible methylation of PP4 and PP6 by LCMT1 and PME-1
VI.8. Future perspectives


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