From Conceivability to Possibility
An Essay in Modal Epistemology
Umeå Studies in Philosophy, Number 8

By Anders Berglund
December 2005
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ISBN: 9173058610
197 pages, 6½ x 9½"
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Taking as its starting point the position that conceivability implies possibility, Anders Berglund argues in this book that conceivability is a local truth—a truth in respect to a certain class of statements. Following from this basic position, Berglund explores the intersections of conceivability and possibility. Ideal conceivability and strict possibility are not only coextensional, he argues, but are in fact related to the same property of statements. What follows is Berglund's assertion that the impossible is conceivable, but ultimately unimaginable.

Chapter 1. Modal Epistemology
Chapter 2. The Sources of Modal Knowledge
Chapter 3. The Conceivability Thesis
Chapter 4. Conceivability Arguments in the Philosophy of Mind
Chapter 5. Interpretations of Conceivability
Chapter 6. Modality
Chapter 7. Conclusions and Discussion


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