Electrical Brain Stimulation in Psychiatric Disorders
Contributions from Research in Animal Models
Acta Biomedica Lovaniensia, No. 369
Ph.D. Dissertation

By Kris van Kuyck
November 2006
Leuven University Press
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ISBN: 9058675548
167 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/8 x 9 1/2"
$77.50 Paper Original

General introduction
Chapter 1: Effects of electrical stimulation or lesion in nucleus accumbens on the
     behaviour or rats in a T-maze after administration of 8-OH-DPAT or vehicle
Chapter 2: Effect of electrical brain stimulation in rats in the schedule-induced polydipsia model
Chapter 3: Behavioural and physiological effects of electrical stimulation in the
    nucleus accumbens: a review
Chapter 4: Review article: functional neuroimaging in anorexia nervosa
Chapter 5: Electrical stimulation in the lateral hypothalamus in rats in the activity-based anorexia model
Chapter 6: Metabolic characterisation of the activity-based rat model for anorexia nervosa and
    correlation to behavioural parameters
Chapter 7: Changes in local protein expression after electrical stimulation in the nucleus accumbens and subthalamic nucleus
Chapter 8: Histological alterations induced by electrode implantation and electrical stimulation in the human brain: a review
General discussion


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