Disclosing the Treasure Within
Learning and Leadership in Schools

Edited by Rudi Schollaert
October 2003
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ISBN: 9044114875
299 pages, 6 ¼ x 9 ½"
$52.50 Paper Original

Other titles in this series:In Search of the Treasure Within, The Keys to the Treasure Within

Can quality in education be measured across Europe—let alone across the world—by means of a set of unequivocal instruments? Can uniform standards be set across institutions that operate in widely different contexts—let alone across cultural and national boundaries? And if so, what are these standards?

This publication attempts to illustrate how quality is not so much reflected in outputs or products, nor even in the processes that lead to those outputs. The only way for schools to achieve and certainly to sustain quality in education is by creating conditions that make the school a natural habitat for deep learning.

This book is the second in a trilogy on quality in education, a product of "The Treasure Within" transnational educational network. In the first volume, In Search for the Treasure Within: Towards Schools as Learning Organisations (2002), the network partners put forward the principles they stand for and offer examples of putting these principles into practice within their own particular context. This second volume widens and deepens the concepts that underlie the network's view on quality in education, while at the same time making a strong statement on why quality goes beyond what is readily measurable and comparable.

Chapter 1. Threats and Opportunities on the Long and Winding Road to Quality in Education
Chapter 2. The Future of Education: Creating Conditions for Learning
Chapter 3. Innovation: From Control to Sharing
Chapter 4. Creating Conditions for Deveoping Shared Meaning
Chapter 5. Internal and External Evaluation
Chapter 6. Schools as Thinking Communities
Chapter 7. Stop and Think
Chapter 8. Tools for Thinking in the Staffroom
Chapter 9. Up to the Learner Now
Chapter 10. Innovation Needs the Participation of Students
Chapter 11. Making School Together with Pupils
Chapter 12. Change Management Tools
Chapter 13. How to Compile a Quality Report
Chapter 14. School Heads: Do They Matter?
Chapter 15. A Model of Reshaping Time and Work in Schools
Chapter 16. Stresa Network and Certification
Chapter 17. "Critical Friends" A Way for Teams of Teachers to Self-Reflect
Chapter 18. Improving Through Sharing
Chapter 19. The Influence of Leadership on Creating the Conditions of Learning
Chapter 20. An Enquiry-Based Approach to Professional Learning
Chapter 21. Group-Reflection as a Pedagogical Method
Chapter 22. Changes? Changes!
Chapter 23. Involving Students in Working in International Teams
Chapter 24. Our Total Quality Project ISO 9002



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