Diasporic Narratives of Sexuality
Identity Formation Among Iranian-Swedish Women
Stockholm Studies in Ethnology, No. 2

By Fataneh Farahani
December 2007
Stockholm University Press
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ISBN: 9789185445622      
325 pages, 6 1/2 x 9 1/2"
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This thesis deals with the sexuality of Iranian women living in Sweden. Considering sexuality as gendered and socio-culturally constructed, the author examines the impact of Iranian Islamic discourses, contemporary socialization and migration on womens narrations of sexuality. The theoretical platform arises from a Foucauldian discursive analysis of sexuality, including Iranian and/or Islamic discourses on sexuality, and diasporic and feminist postcolonial theories. The empirical basis of the thesis consists of ten in-depth interviews with first generation Iranian immigrant women in Sweden.


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