Democratic eGovernance
Approaches & Research Directions

Edited By Jan Olsson & Joachim Astrom
December 2006
Almqvist & Wiksell
Distributed by
ISBN: 9122021515
243 pages, 5 1/4 x 8 1/4"
$87.50 Paper Original

The relationship between late modern governance and new information and communication technologies (ICT) is complex and dynamic, catching the attention of scholars across disciplines. This book brings together research within informatics, political science, media and communication studies and history, and provides a critical perspective on approaches and research directions from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The collective aim of the book is to develop a more comprehensive understanding on the conditions for Democratic eGovernance by pulling together insights from a variety of disciplines. Taking on this challenge, the book summarizes empirical research and theoretical questions ranging from the invigoration of formal politics to the 'explosion' of informal politics, from global trends to local responses, and from political ideas to technical practices. It its concluding part, a strategic interdisciplinary research agenda is developed by combining the three intellectual virtues of Aristotle: episteme, techne and phronesis. This book is essential reading for all who have an interest in late modern governance, ICT and the possible futures of democracy.


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