Crime Prevention the Sun Tzu Way

By Chistopher Wan Soo Kee & Khoo Kheng-Hor
October 2006
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ISBN: 9679789365
182 pages
$22.50 Paper Original

6th Century military strategist, Sun Tzu, provides the inspiration for this text, which seeks to provide guidance for crime prevention in Malaysia and Singapore in the 21st Century. Offering directives specific to police officers and ordinary citizens, Crime Prevention the Sun Tzu Way guides people through their everyday lives, preventing crime. Using case studies from the Singapore Police Force and the Royal Malaysia Police Force, the authors aim to help people understand the workings of police organizations, so that police and lay people can work together to prevent crime.

Part 1. For Police Officers
Chapter 1. The Moral Law
Chapter 2. Leadership
Chapter 3. Alliance
Chapter 4. Change
Chapter 5. Critical Success Factors

Part 2. For the Citizens
Chapter 6. Be Prepared
Chapter 7. Temper Management
Chapter 8. Self-Policing
Chapter 9. Passing on Values

Part 3. Terrorism
Chapter 10. Joining Hands


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