Children, Media & Consumption
On the Front Edge

Edited By Karin M. Ekstrom & Birgitte Tufte
December 2007
NORDICOM, Goteborg University
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789189471511     
356 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/2" x 9 5/8"
$142.50 Paper Original


Ulla Carlsson

Birgitte Tufte, Karin M. Ekström

Media Culture

David Buckingham
That’s Edutainment. New Media, Marketing and Education in the Home

Pål André Aarsand
Children’s Consumption of Computer Games

Ian Grant
Online Privacy – An Issue for Adolescents?

Sue Cranmer, Andrew Burn
A Glass Half Full? Schools and Young People’s Internet Use in the UK

Birgitte Tufte
Tweens as Consumers – with Focus on Girls’ and Boys’ Internet Use

Anne Martensen
Mobile Phones and Tweens’ Needs, Motivations and Values. Segmentation Based on Means-end Chains

Vebjørg Tingstad
New Technologies, New Methods? Representing Children in Online and SMS Ethnography

Jeanne Prinsloo
Youth Media Consumption in South Africa. A Research Overview

Brand and Advertising Culture

Nicoletta Diasio, Simona De Iulio
Fun Food from Ritual to Performance. An Anthropological and Communicational Analysis of Kinder Sorpresa Commercials

Jeff Chester, Kathryn C. Montgomery
Food Advertising to Children in the New Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Christine Griffin, Agnes Nairn
“Busted are Cool but Barbie’s a Minger”. The Role of Advertising and Brands in the Everyday Lives of Junior School Children

Ma Teresa Francés Barceló
From “Buy me Something” to “I Want This”

Lars Pynt Andersen
Why Don’t They just Show the Product? Tweens’ Reception and Conception of TV-advertising

Stephanie O’Donohoe, Stephen Kline, David Marshall
Television Promotion of Children’s Snacks. Food for Thought?

The Authors

Sabrina M. Neeley
Children’s Nutritional Understanding. Levels of Knowledge and Sources of Influence

Brian Young
Celebrity Endorsement. Theory and Experiments with Children

Family Culture

Jan Phillips
Accomplishing Family through Toy Consumption

Anna Sparrman
Up the Walls! Children’s Talk about Visuality in Their Own Rooms

Alice Grønhøj
Green Girls and Bored Boys? Adolescents’ Environmental Consumer Socialization

Karin M. Ekström
Participating in the Catwalk of Consumption


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