Bulgarian Christian Civilization

By Bozhidar Dimitrov
July 2007
KOM Foundation
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ISBN: 9789548745031      
164 pages, Illustrated, 8" x 11 1/4"
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Bulgaria was blessed to receive the words of God from two of Jesus Christ's apostles. In 52, Apostle Andrew set off on a tour in the affluent and populous cities along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It was the time when the first Christian communities headed by bishops were established.

In the third and fourth centuries large groups of Bulgars settled near the Black Sea coast. In 632, Khan Kubrat established the state that the Byzantine historians named Great Bulgaria. Religious tolerance in the Bulgarian society allowed the quick spread of Christianity among the popula¬tion. The founder of Old Great Bulgaria, Khan Kubrat adopted Christianity in Byzantium's court. His descendants of the Dulo clan, rulers of Bulgaria till 759, were

Religious History

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