Cradle of the European Civilisation: A Photographic History

By Plamen Pavlov
November 2006
Borina Publishing House
Distributed by
ISBN: 9545001763                                       
256 pages, Illustrated, 8 3/4 x 11 3/8"
$149.50 Hardcover

Contents include:
“New” and “Old” Europe?
Centre of European “Neolithic Revolution”
Before Mesopotamia and Egypt
“Bronze” and “Rock” Thrace
Creators of the word “Europe”
“Roman” and “Byzantine” Bulgaria
Bulgaria Before… Bulgaria
The Oldest of the Contemporary European States
Tervel, the Forgotten Savior of Europe
The Heathen Great Power in Medieval Europe
The European Projections of Bulgarian Conversion to Christianity
The Saint Brothers – Patrons of Europe
The Global Dimensions of Bulgarian “Golden Century”
The Bulgarian Epopee
The City of Tsars Tarnovo and Medieval Europe
Bulgarian Church
Bulgarian Spiritual Emanation
Bulgarian Saints Honored “The State of the Spirit…”
“Bulgarian Heresy”, the Latitudinarianism of the Underprivileged in Medieval Europe
Guardian of the Christian Civilization
Bulgaria and the idea of Christian Unity
The Energy and the Spirit of Bulgarians
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