Breaking Away from Russia
Economic Stabilization in Estonia, 1918-1924
Studia Baltica Stockholmiensa, No. 26

By Jaak Valge
December 2006
Stockholm University
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ISBN: 9185445266
232 pages, 5 7/8 x 8 1/4"
$79.50 Paper Original

This work focuses on the stabilization of the Estonian currency unit and the economy as a whole during the begining of the 1920s, after gaining independence. In the case of Estonia, successful stabilization of the currency was not limited in outcome to balancing the economy, but also meant economic emancipation or disengagement from the Russian economy. The economic and political developments that ensued where very dramatic.

Economic and political preconditions that set the stage for its attainment. Attention is turned to the Soviet Russian gold that transited the country, and also to the ideological assumptions behind the Estonian economic policy of the time. The degree of success of Estonia's economic policies is guaged in comparison to other European countries, using several factors as benchmarks, such as the economic and political conditions that were present before stabilization, as well as the results of the stabilization process.

Economic History

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