Book of Psalms in Plain English
A Contemporary Reading of Tehillim


Edited By Aaron Lichtenstein
December 2006
Urim Publications, Israel
Distributed By Coronet Books           
ISBN: 9657108861                                      
201 pages, 5 3/4 x 8 1/2"
$21.95 Hardcover

In this book, you will find the Book of Psalms itself, its ideas and emotions.  The English rendition is in verse, just as the Hebrew original is in poetry – in the various poetic modes required by the varied moods and messages. 

Our intention is to convey clear insights, accomplished by highlighting the interpretations instead of the words.  Maimonides instructed his translator Shmuel ibn Tibbon to render the idea, not the word, and our contemporary readings of the Tehillim follow this advice.

Judaism; Religion

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