Advanced Topics in
Biotechnology & Plant Biology

By C.P. Malik et al., eds.
December 2008
MD Publications PVT
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9788175331440
452 pages, Illustrated
$115.00 Hardcover

Advanced Topics in Biotechnology and Plant Biology is a comprehensive survey of the major topics in Biotechnology and Plant Biology. The book comprises 12 articles, written by experts in their respective disciplines and provides state-of-the-art information. The articles are put in two sections.

The selected articles are most sought after by both researchers and graduate as well as post-graduate students. Each article provides succinct information on central developments in the field and ends with summaries and perspectives for the future. Year 2007 can easily be considered as the turning point for the life sciences industry. The volume starts with an article by Malik, Kaur and Wadhwani summarizing notable discoveries made during this year.

Article 2 discusses pattern of gene expression, regulation and properties for gene engineering with special reference to cold tolerance in maize. Considering that enzymes have attracted the attention due to their wide range of physiological, analytical, and industrial applications, Chandan discusses their microbial production.

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