Biodiversity in the Balance
Mitigation & Adaptation Conflicts & Synergies

Edited By Pam Berry
December 2009
ISBN: 9789546425164
300 pages, Illustrated
$99.50 Paper Original

Climate change and biodiversity loss are both pressing global problems. Efforts are being made to address the former through various mitigation and adaptation activities, but these may have consequences for biodiversity which are not identified or acknowledged. This book reviews how mitigation and adaptation measures in eight key areas: agriculture, forestry, energy, built enviornment, river and coastal flood management, health, tourism and leisure and conservation, identifying how they may impact positevely or negatively on biodiversity.

It also recognizes the interactions which can occur between them and which may be neutral, synergistic or involve trade-offs. It shows how, by including biodiversity in mitigation and adaptation, co-benefits can be achieved and thus identifies cost-effective approaches to tackling climate change and biodiversity loss.

This book will be of interest to researchers in climate change adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity and conservation, as well as policymakers involved in formulating adaptation and mitigation strategies and stakeholders engaged in their implementation.


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