Between Temple & Torah

Essays on Priests, Scribes & Visionaries in the Second Temple Period & Beyond
Texts & Studies in Ancient Judaism No. 151

By Martha Himmelfarb
March 2013
Mohr Siebeck
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ISBN: 9783161510410                        
411 pages
$257.50 Hardcover

Martha Himmelfarb focuses in their essays with the Judaism of the Second Temple period and the development and reception of traditions in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. In the section on "priest, temple and the Torah" treats its title themes in the texts of the Bible to which the Mishna. The section "purity in the scrolls from the Dead Sea" contains essays that focus on the intensification of biblical purity laws, especially the laws relating to the genital discharge, in the most important acts of the scrolls. In "Judaism and Hellenism", the author examines the relationship between these two ancient cultures by examining the historical and the modern history of Makkabäeraufstands and the role of the Torah in Jewish adaptations of ancient Greek culture. "The rise in the sky," examines the relationship between the rise-apocalypses to the Second Temple period and later texts, in which the rise is discussed, especially in the Hekhalot literature. In the last section, "The Pseudepigrapha and medieval Jewish literature," examines Martha Himmelfarb, knowledge of Jewish scholars in the Middle Ages from the period of the Second Temple. They also considered the possible distribution channels through which the text could have reached this later reader.



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