Asoka as Depicted in His Ethics

By Kanai LaL Hazra
November 2007
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers                                                                          
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311 pages, 5 3/4 x 8 3/4"
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The value of Asoka is greatly enhanced when we study and examine Asoka's life, his reign and the great role played by him to raise the moral standard of his subjects. He himself perceived and visioned several issues which can be collected from a study of his edicts. Based on extensive research, this book presents a comprehensive survey of the life of this great ruler.

The author looks at the subject historically and analytically. It is an important contribution to the world of Buddhism and literature and to the study of Asoka's reign. It can be mentioned as the first major study of his life and it provides a unique body of evidence that throws new light on him. The author has produced it in a thoughtful manner and in a scholarly way and for thsi reason this book develops an integrated approach to understand him, his life and his services to Buddhism.

To know and to study his reign it ought to be widely read and discussed. This clear and stimulating account will prove of absorbing interest to those engaged themselves in the study of his life. Based on edicts, this book challenges accepted idea relating to his reign and it makes an important contribution to ancient India history and culture. It provides a succinct survey of his edicts which are neatly analyzed and literature on his reign.

This book brings together in an efficient and unified way virtually all that has been learned about his reign and the author has also gathered together from sources scattered throughout a wide range of the historical literature. This book is based on very sound research materials and it presents, describes and illustrates in a very lucid manner. It contains an interesting theme described in a thought-provoking manner and the author deserves appreciation because he presents before us an exhaustive work on Asoka and he has approached the subject with great care.

History; Buddhism        

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