Aristotle's Problemata in
Different Times & Tongues
[In English & French Languages]

Mediaevalia Lovaniensia Series I, Studia XXXIX

Edited By Pieter de Leemans & Michele Goyens
December 2006
Leuven University Press
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789058675248
325 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/2"


The present volume contains a collection of papers on the reception of Aristotle's Problemata, a multifaceted text asking various questions about medical, scientific or everyday topics. This text is one of the most neglected Aristotelian treatises, because of its heterogeneous character and its so-called ‘inauthenticity’. It has been the subject of a complex transmission. In ancient times, Aristotle’s text has been augmented and adapted, while still other authors composed similar collections of Problemata.

In the Middle Ages, Problemata collections have been translated into Arabic, Latin, and Middle French, each translation being characterized by its own particularities. The Latin translation lead to an extremely influential commentary by the Italian physician Peter of Abano, whereas Evrart de Conty, who made the Middle French translation, added himself a commentary to each discussed problem, often using Peter of Abano’s text as source. Also in the Renaissance, the Problemata appealed to the interest of physicians and philosophers. In their contributions to this book, the authors analyse this complex web of relations between source-texts, translations, and commentaries, in different times and tongues.

Pieter De Leemans and Michèle Goyens

Joan Cadden
Preliminary Observations on the Place of the Problemata in Medieval Learning

Robert W. Sharples
Pseudo-Alexander or Pseudo-Aristotle, Medical Puzzles and Physical Problems

Lou S. Filius
The Genre Problemata in Arabic: Its Motions and Changes

Graziella Federici Vescovini
L'Expositio Succinta Problematum Aristotelis de Pierre d'Abano

Maaike Van der Lugt
Aristotle's Problems in the West: A Contribution to the Study of Medieval Latin Tradition

Iolanda Ventura
Aristoteles fuit causa efficiens huius libri: On the Reception of Pseudo-Aristotle's Problemata in Late Medieval Encyclopaedic Culture

Françoise Guichard-Tesson
Evrart de Conty, poète, traducteur et commentateur

Caroline Boucher
Des problèmes pour exercer l'entendement des lecteurs: Evrart de Conty, Nicole Oresme et la recherche de la nouveauté

Joëlle Ducos
Lectures et vulgarisation du savoir aristotélicien: les gloses d'Evrart de Conty (sections XXV-XXVI)

Geneviève Dumas
Evrart de Conty et Pierre d'Abano: commentateurs d'Aristote

Annelies Bloem
A la recherche de la subjectivité dans les Problèmes d'Evrart de Conty: un commentateur juché sur les épaules d'Aristote?

John Monfasani
George of Trebizond's Critique of Theodore Gaza's Translation of the Aristotelian Problemata

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